Understanding the benefits of a Virtual Address for a small business

One of the primary concerns of our small and start-up business clients is where to ‘site’ their business. If you are running an early stage start-up or want to be associated with a specific geographic area, a virtual business address could be perfect option for you. As an example, you will find many businesses which have a business address in thriving cities like Cambridge will be run remotely. Other examples include owners running businesses whilst they are mainly on the road, such as property management businesses or small haulage firms. The fact that they chose to have a virtual business address is not an issue for their customers but gives them a huge advantage.

A virtual business address will help your credibility for your business and, to benefit you further, it is invariably supported by an expert business support provider, like AccountAbility-Plus.

What is a Virtual Business Address?

A virtual business address is used to designate the place for your business ‘office’. It is the place where a person will pick up your phone, collate your mail and offer on-tap customer services for your clients.

What will I gain by getting a Virtual Business Address

Having a virtual business address can offer start-ups and growing businesses many benefits. We’ve outlined four below:

1. A virtual mailbox with multiple functions

You can use your commercial address to register your business with legal entities, such as Companies House.

It will be used to receive all incoming mail and packages from the Post Office and couriers. Correspondence which requires being signed-for can be dealt with, which means you will not miss essential documents, invoices and incoming payments.

It provides you with a commercial address so you can open bank accounts for your business.

If you have a start-up business, it can be better to set-up your business with a virtual business address so that you do not miss incoming mail or important documents when you swap from your home address to a business address.

2. A professional image

Using a virtual business address will give you a professional image and shows your potential customers, investors and suppliers that you are running a legitimate business.

It helps build trust and credibility.

It can be a benefit for online search purposes as your business will show up with a physical office space and a local presence.

3. Maintains your privacy

Many a big business began life as a start-up with owners using their home address for business correspondence. Doing so can sacrifice your privacy as suppliers or clients could turn up at your home. By having a virtual business address, you can protect your home and family from any cross-over with your business activities.

By using a virtual business address, you will not need to share your home address with public registration sites, such as Companies House.

It can also be challenging to open specific types of accounts if you do not have a business address.

4. Fits into your growth plans

You can easily extend the services your business needs should you choose to site your virtual business address at AccountAbility-Plus.

We can offer you just a virtual business address. Yet, as your business grows, we can help you with business support ranging from payroll services, compliance support, invoicing and credit-control. To find out more about all our services, take a look at our website.

A virtual business address is an affordable option for start-ups and growing businesses. It will offer you full flexibility, privacy, and credibility so you can focus on more critical business activities. If you would like to hear more about how we can offer this service to you, contact us on 01440 821991 or email us at enquiries@accountability-plus.co.uk.


Here at AccountAbility-Plus , we can provide you with a range of professional outsourced services for your business. We offer a range of services. These include accounting and bookkeeping, payroll and HR management, sales and marketing, administration, and telephone support, and more.

We work with a wide range of sectors within the UK and abroad. We are are proud of the positive feedback we have received from our clients. To find out how our outsourcing company can help you, contact us online or via phone. To discover the benefit of outsourcing, contact AccountAbility-Plus today.
Our outsourced services are the ideal solution.
Initially, we can:

Undertake your company formation at Companies House
Register your company with HMRC for Corporation Tax
Complete and submit your VAT application
Arrange PAYE and auto-enrolment schemes for your employees
Prepare contracts of employment
Assist in the set up and implementation of company policies, processes, and procedures

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