You’ve made the jump into self-employment!

8th Jun 21

You’ve taken the leap!  Made the jump into self-employment and now the hard work begins!

The thing about being self-employed or a small business owner is that nobody told you about the time it takes to do your invoicing and chase payments, all the admin and all the phone calls, the compliance, sorting out your finances and then completing your tax returns and talking to HMRC!

It takes forever!  It is draining, mundane and dull…

We want you to keep doing the exciting stuff – the stuff that makes your business and your brain buzz, so we will do the mundane and dull for you.

Solo Plus for the self employed

Today, we launch our Solo-Plus service aimed at those who are self-employed or are looking at self employment.  So, whether you are a gardener, landscaper, plumber, electrician, freelancer, hairdresser, cleaner or whatever it is you do, our Solo-Plus service offers you the admin and accountancy support you need to ensure your business keeps trading and is compliant, plus we can pick up all your calls, so you never miss another opportunity.

Why not download our flyer and find out how we can help. 


Here at AccountAbility-Plus we can provide you with a range of professional outsourced services for your business whatever stage it is at, including for those who are self-employed or looking into self-employement.

We offer a range of services including accounting and bookkeeping, payroll and HR management, sales and marketing, admin and telephone support and much more. We work with a wide range of sectors both within the UK and abroad and are proud of the positive feedback received from our clients. To find out how our company can help you, contact us online or via phone.

To discover the benefit of outsourcing your business support services by contact our team at AccountAbility-Plus today.