What is Human Resources Consulting?

5th Jan 21

In order to have a successful workplace you need to seek out ways to increase employee performance. Human resource consulting not only looks after the needs of employees but also finds ways to maximise the performance of each one of your staff. An HR department will handle factors such as recruiting, training, employee relations, compensation, benefits and more. HR often requires a specialised team with skills and experience in these areas, and these can either be done in house or through an external agency. So, what are the pros and cons of outsourcing human resources consulting, and how can AccountAbility Plus help?

Human Resources Consulting

The Pros of Human Resources Consulting

There are a number of benefits to outsourcing HR to an external provider:

  • HR specialists will offer extensive experience and training in the field. Also they can provide resources and knowledge that someone in house may not have.
  • External HR specialists will have an up to date knowledge of current laws. This will help make sure you will remain legally compliant.
  • By having an agency whose entire focus is on HR, you can direct your business onto other more pressing matters. This will save on time and increase efficiency.
  • Hiring an external HR specialist can be a low cost solution over the long term. Poor in house HR can cost you dearly if it fails to comply with the law. Specialists will have a better understanding of the law and save you from litigation.

The Cons of Human Resources Consulting

While external HR will benefit your business in many ways, there can be some downsides you should think about:

  • Some outsourced HR firms may not give you as much control over services compared to doing it in house. At AccountAbility Plus we aim to be fully transparent in all our services. We will consult with you so you can still retain full control over any services you need.
  • Some outside HR advisors may not be as familiar with your workforce compared to an in house one. This may make them seem impersonal and not as sensitive to the needs of staff. In turn, your staff may not feel comfortable talking to an advisor who they are unfamiliar with. Therefore, our aim is to prioritise your business and employees and to always be approachable and trustworthy in all staff matters.
  • The relative distance of external HR agencies from your own business may make speaking with them difficult. They may not be as readily accessible as an in house advisor and may not respond to communication as quickly as you need. Nonetheless, here at AccountAbility Plus we strive to always put you and your business first and will always make time for you.

How AccountAbility Plus Can Help

Here at AccountAbility Plus we have a team of HR professionals able to help you in any human resources consulting services. Our team can help with managing all aspects of HR. This includes the recruiting process, creating guidelines and procedures, guidance on employee performance processes, advice on leave, help with staffing issues and dealing with employee termination procedures. Our team will handle all aspects of human resources consulting according to your own needs. To find out more about our range of HR services please speak with us online or via phone today.