The Benefits of a Phone Answering Service

21st Jun 21

For many businesses, the telephone is the main way of meeting customers. But as business grows, not every company has the time or money to invest in their own call handling. This is where a phone or call answering service can help.

Put simply, a phone answering service will take over the role of dealing with your calls. When you’re very busy, a phone answering service is there to make sure you don’t miss out on new leads or returning customers.

But this service delivers much more than an answering machine or simple message taking service ever could. Having an experienced receptionist on hand at all times can help you secure more leads and resolve issues. At its heart, it saves you time.

Phone Answering Service

How Can a Phone Answering Service Help You?

Of course, there are many reasons a business may be hesitant to outsource their call handling. But the full benefits of the service can change minds.

Firstly, not every business has the resources to set up their own call handling. For businesses pushing to meet growing demand, many customers or potential clients may struggle to get in touch. The amount of business you can take becomes limited by your ability to answer calls. A phone answering service provides an easy way to scale up your communications without the expense and work of setting up an inhouse call service.

Then, there’s the importance of first impressions. Even if you miss a call, a potential client will form an impression of your business. The sooner you can respond, the more attractive your business will seem. Having dedicated secretaries or PAs on hand to take calls and organise correspondence will increase a client’s trust in your expertise.

A conversation over the phone can also be a more friendly and efficient way to communicate. Having a reliable, professional point of first contact can help reduce repeat calls. And with the telephone answering outsourced, you’ll find yourself with more time to knuckle down on the work itself.

These are just some of the reasons why a virtual receptionist can be an attractive prospect for a business. But which telephone answering service should you work with?

Get a Handle on your Calls with AccountAbility Plus

AccountAbility Plus offer a complete virtual assistant and phone answering service that can help you take your telephone support to the next level. This service is packed with features for the convenience of your business, your suppliers and your clients. You will be given a dedicated direct number, with the ability to easily divert or forward calls if your hands are tied.

With the option for PA and admin support, our dedicated secretaries can take on more duties on behalf of your company. Whether that’s creating presentations, typing quotes or organising your diaries, this helping hand creates more time for you to put into your business.

Our services are here to help you focus your time and grow your business. To find out more, contact us online or give us a call today.