Are you in control of your finances?

Not a question you would expect, perhaps, but it is pertinent to gauge how effectively you, as a business, are utilising resources to get the results you expect – profits and cash – and one does not, necessarily, follow the other.

It doesn’t have to be that way.

A good finance department, with specific procedures and working practices, bespoke to your particular business needs, is not something to aspire to “when the business is big enough”. Even a small business needs the financial controls which only a finance department can provide. A part-time book-keeper, coming in once or twice a week to “keep the books up to date” cannot deliver everything your business needs to keep ahead.

How much time do you spend each week, often outside working hours, in an attempt to keep up with all the “paperwork” when you really want to be growing your business?

How much does it cost you for part-time office assistance – office space with all that entails, not just salaries?

How much could you save in time, worry and money, if you knew you had a finance department which worked for you, and were there for you, whenever it was needed?

Here’s the solution.

A finance department doesn’t have to be an aspiration. If it is efficient and well-managed it will pay for itself.

Outsourcing is a term most of us know as the ideal solution when the time or expertise is not available in-house so, why not outsource your finance department? Your virtual finance department would provide:

  • A dedicated contact for your finance department, who will be responsible for its smooth operation
  • A dedicated telephone number for your finance department, which your customers and suppliers can use to ensure that their queries or concerns can be dealt with speedily
  • Proactive credit control by a friendly but efficient team who will get results
  • Day-to-day book-keeping, either using our own software and updating you with the information and reports you require or remotely connecting to your server and working with your software, leaving your system up to date in real time
  • Draft accounts and supporting documentation to your own Accountants and liaise with them on your behalf
  • Be here for you when you, your customers or suppliers need us.

We discuss your business needs with you and devise a package to suit you. Every business is different, with differing needs, and our fees reflect this.