Pensions Re-enrolment –

16th Nov 18

Every three years you must put certain staff back into a pension scheme. This is called ‘re-enrolment’.  Your re-enrolment duties must be carried out approximately three years after your automatic enrolment staging date. Your duties will vary depending on whether you identify that you have staff to re-enrol, or whether you have no staff to re-enrol. Either way, you will need to complete a re-declaration of compliance to tell us how you have met your duties.

Remember, re-enrolment and re-declaration is your legal duty and if you don’t act you could be fined.

Already carried out your first re-enrolment? Find out what you’ll need to do for your next re-enrolment.

What you need to do and by when

1. Choose your re-enrolment date 

Choose your re-enrolment date from within a six-month window, which starts three months before the third anniversary of your automatic enrolment staging date and ends three months after it.

On your chosen re-enrolment date, you’ll need to assess certain staff to work out if you need to put them back into your pension scheme.

Use our example letter template to write to staff to tell them that you’ve put them back into a pension scheme.