Is it time to outsource your call handling?

30th Apr 21

Is it time to outsource your call handling and give your customers a better experience? Requiring a professional telephone answering service is becoming more and more common. We find one of the top reasons our clients come to AccountAbility-Plus is that they are keen to stay on top of their game by being available to their customers.

Why would you outsource to our team?

There are some clear reasons why outsourcing to the AccountAbility-Plus team will benefit your business. 

Let us explain!

Develops higher levels of customer loyalty.

Let’s be honest, when we are at work, we all hate answerphones, voicemails, ongoing email exchanges. Picking up the phone is invariably the quickest option to getting things done!  From your customers point of view, it is far more inviting and comforting to hear another person who offers a consistent tone and language whilst inviting and solving questions.  Your customers will feel welcomed, looked-after and valued.

Clearly gives a message you are open for business.

Developing a level of trust between you and your clients is key to the success of any business. Answering calls quickly and consistently not only presents your business as being active, but it also establishes or increases an image of professionalism.

Keeps control.

Let’s say you limit your phone answering services to when you are in the office or to part-time employees. It can leave a good deal of your customer communication to chance. What if your customer needs urgent assistance and you are unable to answer their calls, what will happen then? You will be left with a lot of unhappy customers or no customers at all. That instant impression means everything, and busy people will just move onto the next supplier.

By employing a telephone answering service for your business, you will not miss out on the chance to communicate with your customers. Not only does this potentially leave your customers happier, but it also helps you build that all-important good business reputation.

Why consider outsourcing call handling?

Answering calls seems to be a very simple business – on the face of it, but time and time again it has proven to be an essential component for customer loyalty and satisfaction. The ease of contact, speed of response, helpful nature of employee and competence to deal with concerns all comes under the umbrella of answering calls.

Flexible outsourcing might be the key for you.  If you are in the office and can pick up calls, then these are the times when you do not need a call handling service.  If your business takes you out and about all day, then regular and consistent call handling would be a better choice.

Why should I trial a call handling service?

  • You want to be known for excellent customer service.
  • You want your business to be ‘active’ and on the ball.
  • You want your customers to feel like you are listening to them and value their input.
  • You want to increase leads and capture potential sales.
  • You do not want to take on the expense and needs of a full-time employee quite yet.
  • Your business takes you out on the road all day.
  • You are unable to answer calls when you are working on client projects. 

Which businesses should consider a call handling service?

Clients who outsource their call handling to us are very varied.  They range from office-based businesses who require extra support when staff are on holiday or sick, or when they have a higher level of calls coming in.

Other clients are smaller businesses, including one-man bands. They do not want to miss potential clients and want their current clients to have consistently high levels of customer service. 

Several are tradespeople. They will be either driving between jobs or working in their client’s home. Being professional, they do not want to take calls when they are working, so we do that for them.  We pass on messages immediately so they can deal with them at a time to suit them.

The common factor is that they all see the benefits of outsourcing their business support services to experts.

If you would like to talk to us about a trial of our telephone answering service and outsource your call handling, or any of our business support services, please contact us