How to save money on office bills.

1st Feb 19

In today’s climate of increasing costs and Brexit uncertainty help your business by reducing your business expenses. Just a few simple changes in routine can proffer a good return.

Turn your computers off before you leave. Leaving a computer on, whether on standby or sleep, will result in wasted electricity, and therefore money. If staff work an average 8 hour day then for 16 hours a day computers are using electricity for no reason.

Reduce printing.  Keep documents online to reduce printing and paper costs. If you do need to print consider printing double-sided which will reduce your paper consumption. This will reduce paper costs but also help the environment.  Always print in black and white whenever you can, since colour toners are more expensive.

Laptops use less electricity than desktop computers (up to 80% less!).  The initial outlay will be recouped over time and then savings will commence.

Lighting – use halogen or LED lights, they use less electricity and last longer. Get staff into the habit of switching off lights when leaving a room.  Wherever possible place desks next to windows, natural light is better for staff wellbeing and electric lights will not be needed constantly.

Email rather than phone – consider emailing queries to customers rather than phoning.  Not only will your phone bills be reduced but you will have an accurate audit trail of communication with your clients.

Postage – email rather than post wherever possible. Whether franking machine or stamps are used send post earlier and use second class rather than first.