What is “back office support”?

Back office support refers to the parts of a company that are responsible for running the business rather than actually working with customers. The term “back office” originates from a time when it was common to have a showroom and sales area in the front of a shop or industrial unit and the accounting, manufacturing and administrative areas in the back. Back office support is the opposite of “front office” work, which refers to the more direct moneymaking part of a company. Although the operations of the back office are seldom prominent, no business, however large or small, can trade successfully without time, money and effort being put into the essential back office functions.

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So what type of work do we do exactly?

‘We pride ourselves on our ability to meet our client’s needs, as and when they need it.’

We can take on your payroll, your accounting, your credit control, help you manage projects you are working on, deal with HMRC, sort out your VAT and tax returns, deal with your procurement needs and even take calls on your behalf and respond in such a way your customers or suppliers thinks they are calling you direct!

‘Our philosophy is professional service at affordable costs.’

Running your own business is incredibly hard work. The freedom you gain from going it alone can soon feel like a dead weight pulling you down and, no matter how good the quality of your work, it doesn’t lead to automatic financial success. With our help and guidance, and working together as a team, we can put in place the processes your business needs to achieve the financial success you desire.

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